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Toronto / Capetown
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I was always fascinated with my dad’s Super8 and still cameras as a child, quietly commandeering them to experiment on my own.

As a teen I moved on to race BMX and Mountain Bikes, so I naturally brought dad’s video camera along to document my thrills and spills – which I then edited at home using two VCRs. I actually went on to shoot, edit and produce an All-Canadian BMX Bike video that was sold nationally through local bike shops and Walmart Canada.

Eventually I enrolled in Humber’s Post Graduate diploma in Film and TV Post-Production, while on the side operating a little production shop with video companies as clients. (Also had a nice stint as a Broadcast Assistant aboard a cruise ship!)

After editing for a new video-travel website, I began producing training and promotional videos for the Peel District school board, then in 2010 I became fully independent and have not looked back (nor had time to!)

Tad Munnings – Director, Story Stream Creative
“As a director / shooter / editor with an action-sports background, Brian delivers the technical and creative expertise that make him such a valuable resource.”

Inspired by…

  • Beautiful images, great story telling, interesting topics, adventure, life, love,

Favorite Genres

  • documentary, action sports, travel, social justice

Favorite Films

  • Riding Giants, Baraka, Winged Migration, Capturing the Fredmans, Babies,
  • too many to list