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    End Of The Line

    by Bintaro Media


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    We'd love to keep following the pipeline route and interviewing resistors, but we need your help to get back out in the field. We've received no funding, foreign or otherwise, to make this project. We're producing it with borrowed equipment, a borrowed truck, and support from our families, friends and hopefully you. These two episodes cost us just under $1000 each to produce (not including Steph's trip to Burma). That money went to gas, food, batteries, and camping spots. It doesn't include our time. We're not looking to make any profit on this. We're just hoping to fundraise enough to continue meeting these people and sharing their voices with you.

    Film Poster

    End Of The Line

    This is a webisodic documentary about resistors to the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline.

    We wanted to put faces and names to the so-called “radicals” who have stood up and said no to the Petro State.

    We wanted to meet the people who are willing to stand between a pipeline company and the land their grandchildren will inherit.

    During the summer of 2012, while we filmed these three episodes, we got to see the debate shift up close. Thanks to people like the ones you'll meet in these videos, public opinion started to change.

    Now it looks more difficult than ever for the pipeline's backers.

    Thanks for being a part of that shift -- and for your interest as we documented the process.

    Meegwetch. Arigato.

    All our relations.
    23 Documentary 19 minutes Released Jul 10, 2012

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