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Orlando, Florida
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Host, producer, writer & director of TV shows, pilots and films. Completed 2 development deals with Universal Studios, with content airing on Bravo UK, TruTV, G4, TNN, Fox Sports and in 200 syndicated TV stations around the US.

Inspired by…

  • My inspirations are those who represent americana, entrepreneurialism and freedom of thought. Rebels like Johnny Cash and Steve Jobs intrigue me. In film I enjoy the great directors like John Ford, Steven Spielberg and Alfred Hitchcock. My favorite TV producer/entrepreneurial is Chuck Barris who invented TV syndication out of necessity when networks denied some of his shows.

Favorite Genres

  • Comedies, dramas & classic films.

Favorite Films

  • Godfather series, Wizard of Oz, Rear Window, The Apartment, Smokey and the Bandit, Hangover, Stripes, Caddy Shack, Sideways.. (just to name a few)