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    Generation Social -The Vancouver Network

    by Andrew Lavigne


    Generation Social - Full Version

    Uploaded Feb 4, 2013
    Generation Social is a fast paced ride through the Vancouver social media scene. (*NB-Flickr was created in Van. in 2004) So jump on the HootBus with HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes & VP of Community Dave Olson for some startup shenanigans at SXSW. Blogger John Chow will show you the $$$ & how you can make it using social media. Alexandra Samuel of Emily Carr University's Social + Interactive Media Center will have you calling your friends either 'Lurkers or Sharers'! So remain calm and click on to meet these social media trailblazers. GenSoc is a film about you & your inherent social nature.

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    Generation Social -The Vancouver Network

    Generation Social is a film about how our inherent social nature drives cultural change and the people who drive that change. From social networks to education to business and culture, everything is in flux. By profiling those at the forefront of this movement, we will explore these very different fields, giving you a perspective of the broadly diverse community that makes up the social internet.

    This Vancouver Network will take us from Emily Carr University's new Social + Interactive Media Centre to SXSWi one of the biggest interactive conferences in the world with startup HootSuite and finally into the home office of Dot Com Mogul John Chow to explore the secrets to his success.
    One thing rings true throughout these stories: social media is about people and the people that matter to them...and that's you!

    NOTE: Because of our licensing agreement with our broadcaster the film in Canada is only available online at this link. Please copy and paste this in order to enjoy the film. For comments, which we encourage please use @GenSoc on Twitter.

    Andrew, Lindsay & Kemp.
    4 Documentary 50 minutes Released Oct 7, 2012

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