Antoine Gomire

Independent Filmmaker, Editor & Actor  


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I am a filmmaker,editor,actor plus a christian rapper
My name is Antoine Gomire
I am from Chicago, Illinois
I am doing this because I love art and so I decided to make my art
come to life.
I once was on set for someone elses movie as a detective
and when I was on set I tooked my time to learn everything I needed to know about filming.
and when I did I invested in equipment to make sure I have what it takes to make quality material
and when I went in the field to make my own movie it became the best thing that ever happened to me
We all had fun and we all did a great job,
So now my goal is to see all shine when they believe no one cares for them,
thats when I step up and make it possible for them to watch them see themselves
in a new project that they and family could enjoy watching.
I have took the time to know how to create a movie and now this is just the beginning.

Inspired by…

  • Spike Lee, Tyler Perry

Favorite Genres

  • Drama, Horror, Crime

Favorite Films

  • Friday, Avengers, Friday the 13th