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My name is Amaroq de Quebrazas and I would like to connect with folks who also use psychology and storytelling. I am a one gal show; instead of making movies my crayon is my camera! I’m turning my old screenplays into graphic novels; I do all the writing and art. I’m also a Mexican painter and I am half Nicaraguan but I was born and grew up in a working class Mexican household in San Francisco’s Mission/Latino District. I'm very dyslexic and I’m physically disabled due to rheumatoid arthritis-Barney Angelo is my service dog; we like long walks.
My focus in my writing is mainly on Roots Psychology, which addresses the root causes of our human behavior (how we grow up as children turns us into the adults we are today) and how our adult behavior has affected our planet on a: socioeconomic and environmental level. My heart’s passion is advertising solutions to family and global problems through my characters’ growth arcs in what I hope are entertaining screenplays & graphic novels.