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New York and Los Angeles
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“Never let fear stop you from chasing your dream, Challenges are what make life Interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”

We are all products of our environment; shaped and molded by experiences, acquaintances and circumstances. Fresh and unprecedented director, writer, and author, A.R.Hilton certainly exemplifies that. He was born in a place many people call a paradox, Mount Vernon, New York. It boasts both tree lined, family-oriented streets as well as the beautifully dilapidated, urban atmosphere that many New York City dwellers are accustomed to. This was the environment that inspired A.R.Hilton to become a writer, author and film director; an expressionist of life’s experiences and lessons.

A.R.Hilton presently lives between New York and Los Angeles where he continues to believe in the path he's chosen and aggressively pursues it with a passion matched only by life itself.

Inspired by…

  • I'm inspired and motivated by my past and the belief that I have something meaningful to offer the world if they only look my way.

Favorite Genres

  • My favorite genres are dramas, comedy, love stories that make you believe in love despite what experience has showed you. Believing determines a great deal of where you go in life!

Favorite Films

  • Once Upon a Time in America, Wuthering Heights (1939), Crash, The Imitation of Life (1934), Training Day, Black Cesar, The Five Heartbeats, Close Encounters, Powder, The Butler, The Ghost of Mrs. Muir, and anything directed by Martin Scorsese.